About Us


Above: Two Rivers Roller Derby – 2017 League

Two Rivers Roller Derby League is an all-women’s flat track roller derby league serving Eastern Pennsylvania and Northwest New Jersey. Our mission is to provide a haven of athleticism, sportsmanship and fun in which to play the best possible roller derby!

2RRD was launched in mid-December 2012.  We started out as two women with an overwhelming passion for the sport of Roller Derby and we have grown in numbers over the years.  Our league is comprised of women ranging in ages from their late teens to their forties; from all walks of life with very different stories to tell.

Our derby family includes project managers, engineers, pharmacists, certified public accountants, actresses, executives, administrators, shop workers, at home moms, social workers, college students, teachers, artists and so much more.

The league was organized to provide a positive environment for members to pursue their full potential in the sport of Roller Derby through good sportsmanship and athleticism. We strive to positively promote the sport of Roller Derby through teamwork, respect for one another, our fellow derby leagues, our community and ourselves.



The word derby, meaning a race or multi-race event (Roller Derby) appeared in the press as early as 1922, when the Chicago Tribune announced and reported on the results of two “roller derby” events held that year.

Since its resurgence in 2005, a plethora of teams have been organized worldwide to what is now an astonishing 400+ recognized Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby (WFTDA) member leagues and apprentice leagues; and the numbers keep growing. In 2011, Team USA was established to represent the United States in the first international Roller Derby Tournament, the Roller Derby World Cup, held in Toronto, Canada. Team USA was one of thirteen teams competing and walked away with the first World Cup.