Two Rivers Roller Derby

Papa Queenie and Two Rivers Roller Derby

Happy Father’s Day!

Two Rivers Roller Derby would like to celebrate our father’s for supporting us on the track and in our lives.  Thanks Dads for all that you do! Happy Father’s Day! Queen Guillotine: “My father has...

Two Rivers

Derby Wives

Derby wife.  A concept foreign to most people outside of the derby community, and those new to the sport.  What is it, and what does it mean to have one?  Does everybody have one? ...

Two Rivers Roller Derby Schedule


Two Rivers home opener is only a month away!! Doors open at 5:00pm; season pass holders get in 15 minutes early to snag the best seats in the house.  Our Season Passes are $40/adult and $20/kid....

Photo courtesy of Mr. Wreckage.

Two Rivers VS. HARD!

Go HARD or go home! Two Rivers Roller Derby went up against the Harrisburg Area Roller Derby, a.k.a. H.A.R.D. on March 21, 2015.  And hard they were!  Hard hitting, hard walling and hard jamming.  These ladies...

2015-03-21 Derby Girl Art-3598

Derby Girl Art Show!

What an evening!  Two Rivers Roller Derby would like to thank everyone that submitted art and came out to support the arts and roller derby on March 21st!  We received over 40 submissions from artists...

Photo Courtesy of Andrew Keyes Derby Photography

Two Rivers VS Dutchland: Bout Recap!

Two Rivers Roller Derby has begun their 2015 season with a Smash Hit!! During the off-season we were working hard to develop new skills to return to the track with strength and commitment.  We...

March Recruiting Flyer

Open Recruitment 3-2-15!

Don’t forget, tomorrow is our open recruitment night at Villa Roller Rink!   We are currently recruiting for skaters, refs, non-skating officials and volunteers.  Come meet the team, get all your questions answered and...

Two Rivers Bout

2015 Bout Schedule is here!

SAVE THESE DATES! (NOTE: Last update made  on Feb 27, 2015) We are super excited to announce our final 2015 bouting schedule!  Our home bouts will once again be held at the Illick’s Mill...



Join Two Rivers Roller Derby for this fun event! There will be speed-dating, a mixer with drink specials, and ‘Date a Derby Girl’ game show! Details on the events page here.